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Frequently Asked Questions

(for international teachers interested in living and teaching in the UK)

What is supply teaching?

Supply teaching is the British name for casual relief or substitute teaching.

Do you place candidates in supply, permanent or fixed contract roles?

The UK Teach In business is predominantly permanent and fixed contract roles, we do not place British teachers in supply roles (we have a fantastic sister company, Supply Desk, who does that). However, we know that many overseas teachers moving to the UK prefer to work on supply contracts, as this gives them the flexibility to try living in different parts of the country, and more free time in which to explore their new environment and make new friends. For this reason we do offer our overseas teachers supply teaching jobs if this is preferred – we will consult with you in depth to find out the your ideal teaching situation, and then we’ll make it happen for you!

Do you offer secure guaranteed pay?

We certainly do. A GPS (guaranteed pay contract)is available for overseas teachers who choose to take a supply contract, so you can plan a budget (although we can’t guarantee you’ll stick to it!). We also offer overseas teachers long term contracts & permanent teaching jobs, which have guaranteed pay.

How flexible are the supply contracts – are there options of number of days we want to work?

Yes. You can discuss this with your local consultant.

What is your daily pay rate? If another agency is offering more, will your agency compromise?

We do not have a fixed pay rate for supply teachers as this is always dependent upon experience, location, and the school/s you will work at. Whether you are working permanent, fixed contract or supply, salary is always negotiable and dependent upon experience. Supply teaching salaries typically range from between £110-£180 per day, although highly experienced, in-demand teachers have been known to earn more.

What is the likelihood of securing a teaching contract through your agency before I leave for the UK?

If we take you on as a candidate we guarantee we will secure you the teaching contract of your choice prior to departure for the UK.

What kind of schools do you place teachers in – state, faith, independent?

All of the above and more! We work with over 5000 schools across 16 locations within UK. Read our detailed information about the types of UK schools we work with.

How long do teaching contracts ‘lock teachers in’ for?

Teachers placed by Teach In are not locked into contracts at all.

Assignments can be daily or weekly on casual relief assignments. Teachers on supply teachers are paid weekly. There is no notice period required if you want to leave a job, but we expect you to communicate with your local consultant if you are unhappy or have any cause for concern, so they can try to help improve the situation for you (they don’t want you to be unhappy)!

If you are on a temporary fixed term contact (such as covering a long term absence or maternity leave), we know this isn't your "forever" job but we do expect you give ample notice if you are not wanting to continue.

As part of the national Conditions of Service for School Teachers in England and Wales, in the UK all teachers in permanent roles are only able to resign at three periods in the year (once per term. Candidates placed in permanent teaching job must resign directly to the school principal.

How close are the schools you send us to – is there a limit to the distance we are expected to travel?

We aim to place you in local schools, well within one hours travel time, and usually much closer than that.

What kind of professional development do you offer?

We recognise the importance of continued professional development for teachers, and particularly for overseas teachers who are new to the UK education system. Before you start working you will attend an Overseas Teachers Induction Day, covering major topics such as behavior management, safeguarding, the UK curriculum and Ofsted.

We also offer a range of CPD courses throughout the year. Our UK Overseas Candidate Manager will work closely with you to ensure you have access to the PD you want / need.

What do all those UK teaching acronyms mean?

Read our guide to UK Education Acronyms and never be confused in staff meetings again!

Do you assist with police checks? Will I be reimbursed for any of these expenses?

You will need to apply for local (and in some cases UK) police checks before you leave home, we will give you the necessary details. You will need to have your police check/s done in order to be officially cleared to work in the UK. The process can take as long as three months and as short as a few days. These expenses are your own costs. In some circumstances you may be able to claim the associated costs as a tax deduction.

What is the NHS and how can I access it?

The NHS is the UK’s free national health service, which gives you access to doctors, dentists and hospitals. You will be entitled to access this benefit as you will be paying National Insurance (NI), which is automatically taken out of your pay by the British government. You will need to apply for a NI number when you arrive in the UK.

What social events does your agency offer for networking and socialising with other international and British teachers?

We regularly host social events in a number of cities in Australia, Canada and New Zealand, where you can come and meet other teachers who are also UK-bound.

Your local rep will also arrange activities at which you can meet other teachers, and you will meet other brand-new-to-the-UK teachers at our UK teaching inductions.

Do you assist teachers to find housing in the UK? 

Choosing your home is a personal decision. We can advise you on where to live, good locations & decent cost of living prices but it's your choice.

What are Umbrella Companies and why would I use them?

As a teacher working via Teach In, you have the option to work via an Umbrella Company. 

An Umbrella Company is a payroll provider acting as the "go between" between the agency (Teach In, Supply Desk, Just Teachers) and contractor (you, the teacher). 

Thousands of teachers working on supply teaching (casual relief teaching) & long-term contract teaching assignments opt to work via an Umbrella Company. In the UK, it is estimated that around 14% of professional contractors use umbrella companies to manage their business.

You can read more about umbrella companies at this link.

What are the benefits of working through an Umbrella Company? 

As an employee you can claim some work related expenses & create a higher rate of pay via this payroll route. Many international teachers benefit from opting to run their payroll via an Umbrella Company. Teachers can find using an Umbrella Company easier to streamline your end of year tax return. You can also claim tax deductions. 

You will have to pay a weekly charge for this service & normally this is a fixed amount. 

What are my options if I don't want to work through an Umbrella Company? 

If you choose not to use an umbrella company you will work as a PAYE (a tax term meaning pay as you earn) employee. You won't get any work related expenses, tax deductions & it's up to you to organise your end of year tax form. You do not pay any fees as a PAYE worker.

I'm interested in working via an Umbrella Company, what next? 

Contact your consultant to have your details passed onto our Umbrella Company. 

Do I have to work via an Umbrella Company?

No. Unlike many other agencies, all international teachers have a choice whether to use one of our preferred umbrella companies or not. All international teachers will sign with our PAYE accounts team in Australia or Canada. If you decide you want to speak to a Umbrella Company consultant, your details will be passed on with your consent. You will not be forced into working with an Umbrella Company if you don't want to.  

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