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Overseas Recruitment Tours for Head Teachers

We regularly host UK Head Teachers on trips to Australia and Canada, giving them the opportunity to meet our best international teachers who are interested in living and teaching in the UK.

There are many agencies who bring teachers from overseas to teach in UK schools. We do this all year round, and boast some of the highest quality international teachers in the business. But competition for international teachers is fierce, with many schools wanting to hire the same candidates. School that participate in our free Overseas Recruitment Tours get to ‘jump the queue’ and hire international teachers at the very start of their international teaching journey, before they get snapped up.

What happens on a Head Teacher Overseas Recruitment Tour?

Head Teacher Overseas Recruitment ToursOn a Head Teacher Overseas Recruitment Tour we work with your school or LEA to establish a list of positions to be recruited for, and all the subsequent candidate criteria you want teachers to meet. We then scour Australia and Canada looking for the perfect candidates for these positions. Usually these teachers are about to graduate from teaching degrees, or have recently qualified as teachers. Some are experienced teachers looking for an international teaching experience. We then fly out the Head Teachers to Australia and Canada, to meet with dozens of short-listed candidates. Often Head Teachers are so impressed with the quality of our candidates that they are able to fill positions on the spot.

What are the benefits of attending a Head Teacher Overseas Recruitment Tour?

One of the greatest benefits of attending a Head Teacher Overseas Recruitment Tour is the opportunity for you to establish rapport with UK-bound teachers. All agencies will agree it can be a challenge to keep international teachers engaged with the idea of teaching overseas for the length of time it sometimes takes before a candidate can start work. Nervousness about teaching overseas, and the general distractions of young adult life can result in teachers deciding to postpone travel plans. However, if they have established a positive committed relationship with their new Head Teacher, who is able to regularly contact them with school information, we find they are significantly more likely to follow through with their commitment to the school.

overseas teacher recruitmentMany Head Teachers find the tours are an excellent opportunity to educate international teachers about the benefits of living in their local area. Whilst our consultants do an excellent job of helping candidates find their ideal UK location (and showing them there’s more to the UK than central London!), there’s nothing like the expert, authentic opinion and advice of someone who loves where they live and work to help convince our teaching candidates that it’s a fantastic place to live and teach! For example, we recently hosted a Head Teacher Tour from Medway, Kent, a place few our of candidates had heard of. We took this Head Teacher to deliver information sessions and interview teachers all across Australia. We are now flooded with teachers desperate to work in Medway!

What is the cost of attending a Head Teacher Overseas Recruitment Tour?

There is no cost to schools that attend one of our Head Teacher Overseas Recruitment Tours.

When can I attend a Head Teacher Overseas Recruitment Tour?

We run Head Teacher Overseas Recruitment Tours at regular intervals throughout the year.

What are the benefits of recruiting teachers from Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA?

  • With access to international teachers while they are still in the ‘information gathering’ stage of their overseas teaching journey. Thus you have the opportunity to influence them to come to your location.
  • Access to an exclusive pool of international teachers, who are not shared with other agencies
  • International teachers often can offer multiple subjects – great flexibility of teachables (Primary / Secondary, English & Media etc)
  • International teachers are generally enthusiastic to engage in extra curricular activities
  • Teachers travelling on a youth mobility visa can work on timesheets – so schools can trial them in a less rigid employment arrangement
  • Cultural exchange between UK and international students & colleagues
  • Curriculums are very similar
  • International teachers typically have a fresh approach to teaching, they are not “burnt out” from U.K. education politics and policies
  • Our package offers robust CPD delivered in the teacher’s home country as well as the UK. This prepares teachers for Ofsted, behaviour management, UK preferred teaching styles, and so on.
  • We support the transition – with free flights, airport pick ups, social events, and assistance with housing – so teachers are more inclined to stay for a significant length of time.
 After 50 positive interviews or a very high standard, and 8 presentations which were well received, I personally don’t feel that there is any area that Teach In didn’t cover exceedingly well. They had the foresight to involve a UK principal thereby sending out a very committed message which I believe the Australian teachers appreciated as they could hear at first hand why they were so much in demand and what life might hold for them if they pursued the initial interest.

AJ Reese, CEO, Greenacre Academy Trust

From my first e-mail right through to saying goodbye in Perth the organisation was faultless.  The location of the interviews was central and the facilities were very good.  It was always very professional; both e-mails and face to face.  My experience was very refreshing and it really helped me with my own CPD.  I learnt a lot from the interview day about new teacher’s expectations and also their worries.  This has made me reflect on my own practice and hopefully improve the experiences of my new and existing teachers.

I would unreservedly recommend other head teachers to take this opportunity if it becomes available. It was something I would definitely do again if I was asked.  Also I would like to take this chance to thank Teach In for organising it all and looking after me.  It was a real pleasure.

Nance Wrigley, Head teacher

Using Teach In has enabled us to bring some excellent Australian teachers into our school and their ethos completely fits our vision.  They have High Expectations for the children it terms of their behaviour and work.  They are Caring and develop relationships with the children quickly so that they are trusted.  They have Positive Attitudes and bring that sense of energy and fun to the classroom and school.  Finally, they are Successful getting great work and pride from the children they work with.

I would wholly recommend employing teachers from a different country as they bring a fresh outlook and energy to your staff team.

Martin Lumb, Head Teacher, Hunslet Carr Primary School, Leeds

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