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Why you should teach in London for your NQT year!

Receiving millions of tourists every year, London has always been a great place to visit but it’s an even better place to live and work. Many NQT’s decide to move to London for their induction year for a variety of reasons. We have put together a list, with the aim of highlighting some of the very best reasons why you should teach in London.


With London being the size it is, there is a large number of schools.  What comes with that is some amazing opportunities to help you progress your career. London is home to some of the best schools not only in the country but in the world. As an NQT you will have access to fantastic facilities and some of the best school leaders in the country. Also, with a higher number of schools, there is a greater opportunity to progress quicker than in other areas of the UK.


As a teacher working in London you will earn you a higher salary than those teaching in other parts of the country. Currently, NQT’s in Inner London earn £30,480 while those outside the city start on £24,373 (2020). Also your salary will continue to grow at a quicker rate than in any other area of England. By the time you reach the Upper Pay scale your salary will be £45,713 while outside of London it would be £37,654.(2020)

London Life

London is a city that truly caters for everyone. Whether your interests are in music, sports, theatre, food, arts or something else you will always have something to do. Also, due to the large and constant influx of young, fun-loving people, London’s social scene is fantastic. So if you are planning to move to London but worried about not knowing anyone, don’t fret – you will soon overcome this.

Cultural Diversity

London is a global hub and a cultural melting pot. Being home to a huge number of industries, London has always attracted talent from elsewhere in the UK and abroad. Anyone can feel at home as a Londoner. The added bonus of a wide cultural mix is the number of food options! Whatever your craving might be, you will be able to find it in London!

Easy to get around

London may be huge in size, however, it is one of the easiest cities to get around. It is home to an extensive public transport system with many options including the tube, buses and overground railway. London’s tube shouldn’t leave you waiting for more than 3 minutes, so it is super easy and quick to access all areas of the city.

Easy Travel

Living in London is a perfect location to base yourself to take full advantage of your school holidays and explore the world. With a number of airports in close proximity to London, including Heathrow – one of the busiest airports in the world – you are spoilt for choice where cheap travel is concerned. The options for travel are endless, you can literally fly anywhere from London. On top of the number of airports, London is also home to Kings Cross St Pancras train station which offers rail services to places like Paris, Belgium and Amsterdam, as well as to the rest of the UK.

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