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Teach In Tour Travellers: Where are they now?

Each year we send dozens of international teachers on our free UK Teacher Recruitment Tours, to get a taste of teaching in England, and to find their perfect place to live, school and teaching position.

But what happens to these teachers once they decide on a job, move over to the UK, and start their teaching career and travel adventure?

We caught up with a few Teach In Tour past participants to find out…

Meet the teachers…

Liam Davis: Australian teacher now teaching at a Secondary School in London, UK.

Attended December 2016 Teach In Tour

Liam photo smallAfter 3 months of calling London home, I can honestly say that I could not be happier with my decision to start this new adventure.

Being away from family, friends and the way of life that I have grown accustomed to in Australia at times has been tough. However, the benefits of living and working in one of the biggest cities in the world far outweighs these difficulties.

There are so many insanely unique experiences and opportunities that living and working in the capital has to offer that you just can’t get back home. The fact that I can plan a weekend getaway to Europe just a few days before, or not even require a car to get practically anywhere in the country, are things that you just aren’t used to growing up in Australia. London itself has so many different events and activities to offer, from art, sport and concerts, to an endless list of tourist attractions, there is always something to do in your spare time.

Working at an inner city London school does have its challenges, however the support that I have been offered by people within the community, whether that be from other Australians, teaching staff or random people I have met on my travels, has been overwhelming.

Where else could you watch some of the best footballers play at Stamford Bridge, pick up some fresh produce at Borough Markets, catch an afternoon show at a West End theatre before boarding a train to Paris all in one weekend?!

Alanna Millar: Australian teacher now teaching at a Primary School in Brighton, UK. 

Attended December 2016 Teach In Tour

Alanna Australian teaching in Brighton EnglandLike many others I found moving to the UK very difficult. The difference in culture, the moving away from family & friends, and the having to adjust & set up a life on the other side of the planet. However, unlike others I had my Teach In / Supply Desk team. Between Paul & the others in the Supply Desk Brighton office, my Teach In Aussie team Lizzie & Gemma, & my overseas coordinator Steph (or as I like to call her ‘mum’) there was no chance that I was left to deal with it alone. It even stretched as far as when I was struggling to find a house (as I chose the sunniest, most popular part of the UK – Brighton) Paul & the team suggested websites/real estate agents, contacted other teachers & asked friends if anyone had a room available.

Needless to say, moving overseas is hard but with a team like Teach In & Supply Desk you’re never alone.

Amelia Bertram: Australian teacher now teaching at a Secondary School in Brighton, UK. 

Attended December 2016 Teach In Tour

Amelia is an Australian teacher in Brighton UKLife in England is really great so far. I’ve made really wonderful friends and have enjoyed getting to know myself in a foreign environment as well.

The staff at my school are friendly and the kids love to know about what life is like in Australia.

It definitely wasn’t fun having to google map everything for the first couple of weeks but now that I’m here and settled I honestly couldn’t imagine having chosen to do anything else.

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