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Mental Health Support for Educators

Free Resource for Teachers and Support Staff

2020 and 2021 have been more intense for teachers than most other working adults, excluding other essential workers. Everything about what you do and how you work has changed and the expectations on teachers and support staff have been huge. It is nice to feel seen, and Headspace have certainly done that.

Headspace have developed free resources for educators of K-12 students from Australia, Canada and the US and UK. That includes all teachers and support staff. You can get a free subscription by clicking on this link and selecting your country, state and adding your school details. This is not a paid advertisement, we just thought it was something you should know about!

Headspace offer mindfulness exercises, meditation and resources for the classroom. There are 100’s of guided meditations, sleepcasts and sleep music and inspiring videos and workouts. There are also lots of articles to look at.