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Teachers Relocating to London

Relocating to Teach in London

Teaching is a professional that you can travel with and sometimes the best way to fast track your career is to go where the opportunities are and where you have a choice of schools.

Whether you are an NQT looking for your first teaching job or an experienced teacher seeking the opportunity to step into more senior roles, London is the place to be. With over 3,000 schools, and projected demand for state school places reaching 737,000 primary and 498,000 secondary places by 2025, London is a smart career move.

Teach in partner with Nursery. Primary, Secondary and SEN schools across the 32 boroughs of the capital. Government, Faith, Independent and Academy schools approach us to help them find the right teacher for their school. We have jobs available year-round.

If you have decided to explore London teaching opportunities, we can help you make it all happen. Get support with interview preparation, job selection and some more practical support about where to live and how to get around. 

Why Teach in London?

The teachers who choose to relocate to London do so for lots of reasons. Here are the main attractions.

The London life!

London is always full of life. Live the leafy green belt fringes of the city, or soak up all the events and excitement of the inner city. Build a great social life and explore the capital. 

The London Loading

Did you know you get paid extra if you accept a teaching job in London. 

The Teacher pay scale means you access an inner London, Outer London pr Fringe London loading, to help you cover the costs of living in the capital. A few extra thousand pounds is always well received!


London is well connected and so you can live in the city or the fringes and commute to your school, without the need for a car. You can explore all that London and surrounding areas have to offer and easily hop over to Europe in the holidays. 


Professionally, London offers NQT’s and experienced teachers a diverse range of schools to consider working in. Unlike smaller, regional locations, London has state, faith, independent, Academy and SEN schools right across the capital. 


As well as choice, there are also fantastic career development opportunities in London schools. If you are looking for the chance to grow and progress into leadership roles, London is the perfect place to base yourself. 


Enjoy the opportunity to teach students from all over the world, who have come to London to make it their home. London schools also have teachers from lots of countries. You can connect and teach and collaborate with local and international teachers, while you develop your pedagogy. 

Whether you stay for a year or two or make London your home, it will be an experience that kick starts your career. 

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