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Teacher Recruitment Events

Throughout the year we hold successful Teacher Recruitment Events. They are designed to bring together Headteachers with positions to fill and NQTs or experienced teachers looking to work in that area. Whether in person or virtually hosted, the results are overwhelmingly positive for those attending.

What is a Teach in, Teacher Recruitment Event? 

In a relatively informal environment, Headteachers speak with available NQT’s and more experienced teachers in 20 minute timeslots, in one location, in one day.  This enables both Headteachers and candidates to meet, ask and answer questions and see if there is a mutual interest in working together. If you are invited to attend, then you will receive a personalised itinerary for the day, letting you know who you will meet and interview with, and when. Virtual events run in a similar way, with video interviews happening to a timetable.

What happens after the Teacher Recruitment Event? 

After the teacher recruitment events, one of our team will get in touch and provide you with detailed feedback. We will arrange formal observations/ interviews at a later date for schools and teachers. Our goal is to help all teachers attending to secure a permanent teaching job in a supportive school. We also provide help with interview and CV preparation prior to the event so you put your best foot forward.  

Why attend a Teach in, Teacher Recruitment Event? 

Teachers- These events are an efficient way to informally interview with a number of schools all in one day, without having to apply to each school individually. You’ll also gain insight into the many different types of schools in your area. This helps you make informed choices about where you want to work. It is unlikely you will leave this event without being on your way to securing a permanent teaching job. 

Schools- The Teach in, Teacher Recruitment Events are a great way of attracting quality new teaching staff to work in your school. In order to match the right teachers with the right schools, we pre-screen interested teachers before the event. Screening is based on criteria provided by the schools, ensuring mutually satisfactory outcomes. We do not use Supply Teacher databases to support these events. We really listen to what are schools are looking for. The events are designed to present you with ideal candidates in an efficient, yet personal manner. 

Teacher Recruitment Events

Due to limited space, these events do fill up quickly, so please call or register now to avoid disappointment.

To register your interest in attending one of our upcoming Teach In Recruitment Events, please  Email us

Here’s what previous attendees had to say…

‘It was a lot easier, I loved that I did not have to fill out 5 different application forms for different schools. The process was great. Jess Shandley

‘No long applications made it much easier and more convenient whilst studying’ – Linda Imade
‘Much easier process from start to finish, with regards to finding schools and then applying for school individually through separate application forms.’ – Kate Swatton


Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Teach In Interview Day / Recruitment Event involve?

Our interviews day are designed for you to meet with Headteachers and senior leaders at schools with vacancies that are suitable for you. Each school has their own individual room where you can meet with them for a short interview. Teach In consultants will be on hand to help you find your way to your interviews and give you information about the schedule. You will also see other trainee teachers on the day who will be attending other interviews. We have found there is a great atmosphere in the waiting room with trainee teachers offering moral support and advice to each other, and discussing their different teacher training courses.

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What if I can’t take time off from my university course or placement to attend the event?

As this is an opportunity to interview with several Headteachers in one day and one location, we would recommend that it's definitely worth taking the day off. If you have an important meeting that you cannot miss, just let us know and we will do our best to work the schedule around it.

Can I bring other teachers to the event with me?

Absolutely! But give us a heads-up beforehand so we can have a chat with them, check they meet our criteria and book them onto the schedule.

How formal are the interviews on the Interview Day/Recruitment Events?

As the interviews are fairly short (around 20 minutes so you have time to meet as many Heads as possible), the interviews are not exactly the same as you would find in a school setting. These interviews are more of a chance for the Headteachers to get to know you, and a chance for you to find out about the school. The Headteachers will want to find out about your personality and teaching style to see if you would be a good fit for their school, and you'll be able to find out about their leadership style and the ethos of the school. It can depend on the personality of the Headteacher as to what type of questions they will ask, but mostly we find that they like to ask a few questions about yourself as well as a few formal questions.

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What happens after the Interview Day/Recruitment Event?

At the end of the day, we will sit down with the Headteachers and senior leaders to find out their thoughts about how the interviews went. Selected candidates will be invited to the school for a lesson observation and a tour of the school. There may be another interview after the observation, but most often this will be a short interview or discussion regarding the lesson observation. Usually at this point if the interview and observation has gone well, the school will make you an offer.

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