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5 common mistakes NQT’s make

As an NQT, your first year teaching can lead to some doubts and worries. The fear of making a mistake can be overwhelming. To assist you through those early days in the classroom, we have created a list of some common missteps to be aware of as you enter your teaching career.

  • Not getting to know your students

One common mistake that is easy to make is focusing too much on the content and not on the children themselves. Tailoring your lessons to incorporate the interests of your students will go a long way in keeping them on task. Also, building strong relationships with your students is one of the most effective ways to avoid any classroom management issues. Students are less likely to act out if they have a relationship with their teacher.

  • Not asking for help/support

It is important to remember that is always ok to ask for help, even more experienced teachers seek the advice and support of their colleagues. Every student, every classroom may present something you’re unfamiliar with so don’t be afraid to ask questions. As well as your assigned mentor, there will be other members of staff that will be there to help you through your first year of teaching and beyond.

  • Not involving parents

As a new teacher, it can be intimidating interacting with parents. You should view parents as partners in your students’ learning, so keep them informed about what is going on in the classroom, good or bad. By involving parents and creating a relationship with them you can make difficult conversations easier.

  • Not taking time for yourself

Your first year of teaching can at times feels like the hardest year of your life. Because of that, you need to make sure you look after your mental wellbeing to ensure you don’t burn out in your first year. It is imperative you plan to have plenty of time for yourself, family and friends.

  • Forgetting why you got into teaching

Your first year of teaching will be full of exciting challenges but sometimes they can become overwhelming. If you continue to focus on the positive experiences, you will find it easier to power through the tougher days. Remember why you got into teaching, most likely because you want to make a difference in your students’ lives. Remember this simple fact can make all the difference when faced with a difficult day.

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